Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Alcoholism Treatment

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Why you shouldn't wait to get alcoholism treatmentAlcohol abuse can affect every part of your body, mind and life. Alcoholism is a serious illness that will not get better without treatment. Let us help you overcome alcohol addiction today. The following are eight of many reasons why you should not wait to get alcoholism treatment:

  • Most of us don’t consider alcohol a drug, but alcohol is a drug just like any pill or street drug available. It can destroy your health, your family and your relationships. It can cause you to do things that you regret, and it can affect you financially.
  • Drinking impairs your judgment, and alcohol can affect your brain over time. While you may not notice personality changes or changes in your own functioning, your loved ones (and your employer) will. Your children and your significant other will suffer because of these changes.
  • Alcohol can take your freedom and your money. Alcohol is an expensive habit. Your body will begin to crave more alcohol, as you drink more over time. On top of that, you may end up having to pay legal and medical expenses.
  • Alcohol can lead to serious health problems such as anemia, cirrhosis of the liver, ulcers in the digestive system, dementia, psychosis, diabetes and death.
  • Alcohol will age the cells of your body and cause you to become wrinkled more quickly. Many people who drink suffer from skin problems. Alcohol is full of calories and can lead to weight gain particularly in the stomach and thighs.
  • Liver cirrhosis is a painful and deadly disease caused by alcoholism. When you suffer from cirrhosis of the liver, your liver tissue begins to be replaced with scar tissue. Once your liver is unable to function, you may experience swelling of your body, nausea, skin color changes, severe abdominal pain and death.
  • If you are a woman, alcohol abuse can kill your unborn child. It can lead to birth defects, mental handicaps and illness in your baby. If you are a parent, your child suffers every time you drink, because that child loses a parent to alcohol.
  • Alcoholism is a progressive disease and will only become worse over time without treatment. With proper rehab treatment, you can overcome alcoholism. There is hope.

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