What Should I Do if I’m Addicted to Multiple Medications?

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What Should I Do if I’m Addicted to Multiple Medications?Suffering from an addiction is difficult to begin with. When you are addicted to multiple prescription medications, recovering from your addiction becomes even more complicated. Each of your addictions has a unique relationship with the others. If you do not address all of your addictions during addiction treatment, you will likely relapse after treatment. If you are addicted to multiple prescription medications, you should seek addiction treatment today.

Suffering from Multiple Addictions

When a user suffers from multiple addictions, relationships are formed between the addictions that can make it more difficult to stop using drugs or alcohol. Each substance carries its own withdrawal symptoms, and life quickly turns into a struggle to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. When a user is dealing with multiple addictions, the user may begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms for one drug soon after he or she stops using another. This cycle of drug abuse and withdrawal symptoms results in more frequent and more severe withdrawal symptoms than those from one addiction. In order to overcome multiple addictions, the user must learn how the addictions are all related and what the root causes are.

Alternative Treatment Methods

You may have begun using multiple medications to treat symptoms of a medical or psychological problem and started abusing the drugs over time. If you are abusing drugs meant to treat a disorder or symptom, such as pain, you should find new ways to treat your problems. There may be alternative medications that can be prescribed by a doctor that are non-addictive, and there are also many alternative treatment methods you can learn about during addiction treatment that do not require medication. An alternative treatment method, such as yoga, may help users gain flexibility and find new ways to deal with pain and other problems.

Recovering from Multiple Addictions

If you would like to learn more about the different treatment options available for users suffering from multiple addictions, call our toll-free helpline today. Our trained addiction experts are here to help users 24 hours a day as they begin their recovery journey. We can answer any questions you have about multiple addictions or addiction treatment and will direct you to an effective treatment center, so call now.