Alcoholism Treatment Options

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Alcoholism Treatment OptionsChoosing to enter into an alcohol rehab program can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Most patients require multiple types of treatment and therapy throughout different stages of their journey to recovery.  Combining a few aspects of alcohol rehab ensures treatment will be as thorough and complete as possible, helping to promote long-term recovery for the individual.

Dealing with Alcohol Withdrawal

When a person first enters into an alcoholism treatment program, they are likely to experience some form of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the individual and the severity of their addiction but the entire process can be physically and psychologically draining for the patient. Some people avoid rehab altogether because they wish to avoid withdrawal. In most cases, rehab facilities will offer medically supervised alcohol detox to help their patients through the withdrawal process. Detox treatment can also be administered at hospitals. During detox, medical professionals and psychologists carefully monitor patients. Some patients opt to receive medically aided detox, where they are given supplemental medications to help manage their withdrawal symptoms.

Alcoholism Treatment Options at Rehab Facilities

Once a patient has completed detox, they move on to the core part of their alcoholism treatment — counseling. Counseling treats the psychological addiction. Patients learn the root causes of their alcohol use and how to identify any triggers that encourage them to use. There are many types of treatment facilities that deal with the counseling portion of alcohol rehab treatment. Inpatient programs require that patients live at the facility and offer both short-term and long-term options. Outpatient treatment programs allow patients to live away from the facility while they receive counseling. When you enter into rehab, meeting with an intake counselor can help you customize a program that suits you as a person and your addiction.

While receiving counseling, patients will continue to be monitored by doctors and other medical professionals. If patients are suffering from other psychological conditions, like an anxiety disorder, the appropriate medications can be prescribed to help them manage their symptoms while they get addiction treatment.

Other Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

Community-based support groups are another aspect of alcoholism treatment. For some, community support groups are a standalone type of therapy and for others they may be used to supplement a rehab program. Community support groups keep participants accountable and provide a unique program to help them manage their addiction and recovery in their regular lives.

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