Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women

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Alcohol Treatment Centers for WomenExcessive alcohol consumption has profoundly negative effects on everyone but women are especially impacted. While studies have shown that women drink less often than men, women are also more affected than men by the same quantities of alcohol. This means that while alcohol addiction has profound effects on all users, women face more severe physical effects from prolonged alcohol use. It then becomes incredibly important to seek even basic alcohol rehab treatment in order to avoid these negative effects. If you have or think you have an alcohol addiction, the information below may be helpful to you.

Alcoholism Symptoms in Women

Although a number of signs and symptoms of alcoholism are the same regardless of gender, there are a few issues that harm women more often than men. Women are more likely to experience major depression, both in conjunction with and as result of alcoholism. This likelihood also makes women more susceptible to extreme changes in behavior that come from alcohol use, including binge eating, risky sexual behaviors and smoking.

Alcoholism also makes women more likely to contract liver and heart diseases, experience extreme changes in mental function and be diagnosed with certain cancers. In extreme cases, these secondary symptoms of alcoholism may even present themselves before initial ones are noticed. Treatment is essential for you if you suffer any of these symptoms.

Often you will need to understand what led to your addiction in order to treat it properly. Although everyone differs, there are few common events that can lead to alcoholism in women.

Causes of Alcoholism in Women

One of the goals of alcohol rehab treatment advice is to help you understand the base causes of your alcohol addiction. Many women experience low self-esteem, negative body images or eating disorders, and begin drinking in order to cope with these issues. Studies have found that sexual, emotional and physical trauma and abuse are also linked to alcoholism.

No matter the cause, there are alcoholism treatment facilities that specifically treat women for alcohol addiction, depression and any other disorder you may have.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Therapy for Women

There are a number of alcohol rehab treatment options specifically for women. Many programs design treatment to meet your needs as a woman in order to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. In some cases this may mean female-only facilities or female-only support groups. Women respond better to treatment when they are more comfortable. Anyone who has survived a sexual trauma will often be more comfortable among their own gender. The goal of alcohol therapy is to help you learn the psychological and physical aspects of your addiction, break free of the hold it has on you and put yourself on the road to recovery

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