Alcohol Rehab Costs

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Alcohol Rehab CostsThe cost of medically supervised alcohol detox facilities and rehabilitation programs can be a major deterrent for those seeking addiction treatment. Rehab facilities can cost upwards of thousands per month and many families are already in debt because of their loved one’s addiction. However, these days financial status is not a reason to avoid treatment. There are a number of ways to manage the expenses associated with alcoholism treatment.

How Much Does Alcohol Treatment Cost?

For those with the financial flexibility, luxury rehab facilities are an option for treatment. Luxury facilities provide amenities such as swimming pools, healthy meals prepared by a chef, fitness classes and high-end accommodations that can enhance your experience in rehab. Costs may be as high as tens of thousands of dollars per month.  Holistic facilities can also be expensive as these programs focus on treating patients outside of conventional methods and can include activities like yoga and meditation.

There are options for those concerned with affording the costs of rehab. For most facilities, the prices of each program are widely varied. Inpatient programs are generally more expensive than outpatient programs as they require participants to live at the facility. Food and accommodations are included in the costs and patients receive round-the-clock medical supervision and counseling. Outpatient facilities allow participants to live at home while they have scheduled appointments at the center. These programs are more affordable but patients do not receive the same kind of attention they would at an inpatient facility. Which type of program is the best option is unique to each individual.

Insurance and Paying for Alcoholism Rehab

Most people cannot afford alcohol rehab entirely on their own and explore a number of different avenues to make it affordable. Insurance companies are often willing to cover some (or all) of the costs of rehabilitation, provided your plan offers this level of coverage. Some people may find their employee health benefits will also help cover some of the costs of treatment. Lastly, inpatient rehab programs can offer payment plans to help make treatment more affordable to more families.

Rehabilitation facilities know that treatment can be costly. Intake counselors will help you figure out what your private insurance and government agencies might cover. They can also discuss payment plan options with you.

For most families, it is important to seek advice on how to make alcohol rehab affordable. While it can be expensive, the long-term benefits of treatment for your loved one make it worthwhile. There are rehab programs available to meet every patient’s needs. Financial concerns should never be a reason a person avoids treatment. If you or someone you love need help with your alcohol addiction, please call our toll-free number and speak to one of our trained counselors about your rehab options.