Is Someone You Love an Alcoholic?

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Is someone you love an alcoholic?When a loved one suffers from alcoholism, it can have a profound impact on you as well. In many cases, you may be as unwilling to accept the diagnosis as they are but for their sake, you should encourage them to seek some form of alcohol rehab, whether it is through a treatment facility or support groups. The following information can help you determine if your loved one has an alcohol addiction and provide you with options for getting them the treatment they need.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism affects everyone differently. Some alcoholics may continue to hold stable jobs and operate at functional levels but many will find it difficult to continue with daily life as normal. Other ways to tell if your loved one has an alcohol addiction include:

  • Refusal to accept that there is a problem: Often, addicts don’t want to admit that there is any sort of problem with their alcohol consumption.
  • Increased consumption with negative effects: The longer you use alcohol, the greater a tolerance you have which makes it dangerous to continue drinking. Alcohol is responsible for a number of accidental deaths.
  • Depression or changes in personality: Extreme moods swings are common in alcohol abusers, occurring most often when they are in need of a drink.
  • Physical pain when not drinking: Alcohol forms a physical addiction, making it difficult for long-term users to go without for even short periods of time.

If you’re living with someone with alcoholism, you’ve perhaps experienced some of these symptoms firsthand. There are also other ramifications that come from having a loved one who is an alcoholic.

Living with an Alcoholic

If your loved one has a severe alcohol addiction, they may soon find it difficult to function as they normally would. This may result in them losing their job, their financial security (and in many cases yours as well) and even their life. Physical abuse often occurs at the hands of alcoholics, making it hard for you to continue offering support like you normally would.

You can get help for anyone in your life with an alcohol addiction. In some cases, an alcohol intervention may be necessary but once they accept the need for rehabilitation, they are on the path to saving their life.

Finding Alcohol Addiction Help

More alcohol rehab advice articles can be found on our site, and if you’d like to speak to a trained professional about finding someone you love addiction treatment, call our helpline.