Signs You May Be an Alcoholic

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Signs You May Be an AlcoholicAccording to a National Institute on Alcoholism survey, over 60 percent of people 18 and older are considered to be current drinkers of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism is a condition that presents itself when current drinkers begin to abuse the substance.In many cases, you may not realize you have an alcohol addiction, or may not think your use is severe enough to warrant concern. If you are unsure, use the following indicators to help you determine if you have some form of alcoholism.

How to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem

If you have an addiction, you may not understand just how serious your alcohol dependency is. Denial is a common emotion when discussing alcoholism, whether it is willful denial or not. If any of the items below ring true for you or a family member, consider seeking alcohol rehab advice.

  • Underestimation of Consumption: In many cases, you may believe that the amount you drink is insignificant, when it is in fact rather large. This is a strong indication that you may suffer from some form of alcohol dependency.
  • Increased Isolation or Change in Social Groups: Increased alcohol use may cause you to become more isolated from friends and family. Alcohol consumption changes your ability to relate to the people you’re close to, putting strain on them and on you. You may choose to make new friends and acquaintances instead of repairing the damage done to your current relationships.
  • Physical Symptoms of Withdrawal: The most telling sign of an alcohol addiction is the physical toll that your body feels both while you are using and when you stop drinking.

You can find other signs and symptoms of alcoholism here, but for the moment you may wish to know more about the physical indications of alcohol addiction mentioned.

Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism takes a physical toll on you. You see many of the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction after prolonged use, since your body has built up a tolerance to it. It may take additional drinks for you to feel the same results as you once felt from one or two. You may be prone to night sweats, shaking, or even depression. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, consider seeking help for alcohol dependency.

Getting Alcohol Rehab Advice

If you think you may suffer from an alcohol addiction, continue looking around the alcohol rehab advice articles on this site, or contact us at our toll-free help line.