Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

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Outpatient Alcohol RehabFor those struggling with alcoholism, there are many treatment options available to you.  An outpatient alcohol rehab center is both flexible and cost-effective for many patients. Outpatient programs provide a variety of therapy options and customizable programs to help each patient get the most out of their treatment.

What Is the Goal of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient programs are designed to treat those who use alcohol as a means of handling their emotions but suffer from a minimal physical dependence. Whether it be professional or relationship stresses, outpatient programs teach those with moderate addictions how to manage their stress effectively so they can abstain from alcohol use. By helping the individual understand the cause of their addiction, patients can learn how to respond to any negative influences or stress-related urges they feel for alcohol.

At an outpatient program, patients attend regularly scheduled appointments with counselors and medical professionals, as well as group therapy sessions. The difference between outpatient and inpatient treatment is patients are fully exposed to any temptations or negative influences that led to their addiction in the first place when they partake in outpatient care. Outpatient alcohol rehab treatment uses many of the same techniques that residential treatment centers use but allows patients to live away from the facility. Patients have the flexibility to live at home, continue at their jobs and participate in any other activities or social engagements all while receiving treatment. Outpatient programs are also less expensive than residential programs because patients are not required to pay for accommodations or meals.

Therapy Options at Outpatient Treatment Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, enhancement therapy and 12-step modalities are some of the commonly used treatment techniques used in an outpatient program. These techniques teach patients to recognize those triggers that cause them to drink and respond with a positive behaviors so they do not indulge their addiction. When enrolling in an outpatient program, be sure to ask what types of techniques they use in their treatment and decide if it is a good fit for you.

Following your treatment in an outpatient program, counselors will be able to discuss your alcohol rehab aftercare options with you. Community-based support groups are a great resource for those leaving an outpatient treatment program. Community support groups employ similar practices to outpatient programs but are even less regimented and attended less frequently. They give patients a means of support following rehab while holding them accountable to other members of the group.

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