Natural Recovery Models for Alcohol Treatment

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Natural Recovery Models for Alcohol TreatmentSome recovering addicts may benefit from a natural recovering model when seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. Most natural recovery models offer a holistic approach to treating addiction. Holistic treatment works to address and offer a solution to problems in all aspects of a recovering addict’s life. Natural recovery models often incorporate healthy nutrition and exercise along with spiritual exploration into treatment models. Natural treatment typically addresses problems in a person’s environment and relational history that may be contributing to alcohol addiction. Taking a holistic approach to alcohol addiction recovery will commonly include the following:

  • Developing healthier habits
  • Utilizing proper nutrition to restore physical damage from alcohol
  • Becoming spiritually enlightened to develop a desire to overcome addiction
  • Using meditation and other relaxation techniques to deal with stress
  • Having spiritual and psychological support during the withdrawal process
  • Becoming self-aware and developing a sense of personal responsibility for a healthier lifestyle

Participating in an inpatient program for natural alcohol addiction treatment will allow a person to experience a more in depth process of holistic healing. Addiction affects a person not only physically, but also psychologically and relationally, and these consequences can often go unaddressed by traditional recovery models. Holistic treatment utilizes specific methods to treat an addictive lifestyle, including the following:

  • Spiritual meditation
  • Introspection
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Journaling
  • Physical exercise
  • Infrared sauna
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Breathing exercises
  • Raw foods
  • Botanical medicines
  • Natural supplements
  • Acupuncture

Holistic treatment can help people to channel their energy into healthy activities, which can relieve the stress associated with alcohol addiction.

Integrated Treatment Options

However, holistic treatment does not have to be the only avenue for alcohol addiction recovery. Holistic treatment can be integrated with traditional methods of recovery. A person participating in holistic treatment can still continue to go to traditional counseling for addiction as well as attend traditional support groups. Most professionals in the traditional addiction treatment field encourage people to explore every avenue for recovery, including natural and holistic methods. When seeking a natural treatment method in an inpatient program, consider choosing a facility that offers a personally conducive environment. Some natural treatment facilities offer tropical settings on an island or a colder environment in a mountainous region. Holistic treatment can often be a more beneficial resource for people to recover from alcohol addiction and maintain a healthy and sober life.

Need Help Finding Natural Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

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