Maintaining Sobriety Through Painful Anniversaries

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Certain times of the year put people in vulnerable positions. For example, someone might be prone to depression around the anniversary of the death of a loved one, a divorce, a traumatic event or other loss. Although negative feelings are normal during these times, these feelings can be dangerous, especially for recovering addicts.

However, since these painful events have fixed dates, recovering addicts can maintain recovery if they anticipate these occasions. Since the goal of rehab is to avoid relapse, then consider extra treatment during tough times to stay clean.

Staying Sober During Difficult Times

After addiction treatment ends, recovering addicts must resist cravings. They can stay clean while passing through painful anniversaries if they take the following steps:

  • Focus on the positive – Think of how much you have accomplished since you finished treatment, and relish the satisfaction this fact brings. This mentality will help you imagine the future if you remain clean, a future that your friends and family want to share with you.
  • Keep yourself busy – Especially during painful anniversaries, schedule activities that will keep you busy. Physical activities in particular (such as playing sports) relieve stress and contribute to positivity, so plan ahead to have a full schedule.
  • Be with other people – Avoid loneliness to keep your mind off the idea of seeking drugs. Trusted friends and family can allow you to express yourself and to feel comfortable.
  • Avoid danger zones – A danger zone is any place where it would be easier to obtain drugs. For example, if you are staying sober from alcohol, then a danger zone would be places or activities that commonly involve alcoholic beverages.
  • Seek support – Attend support meetings as often as possible, and call your therapist or counselor if you need help. These support methods help you stay healthy, so, before a painful date arrives, schedule an appointment with a trusted counselor to stay clean.

These five ideas can get you through a painful anniversary. However, since everyone is unique, then other solutions could help people overcome important dates. Regardless of the strategy, the most important thought is to maintain recovery, so seek help to accomplish this goal.

Find Addiction Help and Recovery Programs

Different aftercare programs can help you or your loved one through the moments that demand support. Also, support groups and counseling are available so the whole family can make a joint effort in the fight against drugs.

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to find the tools that can help you achieve and maintain recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Our admissions coordinators can inform you about family counseling, intervention services, medically supervised detox, transportation to and from rehab, insurance for treatment and more. Our staff are available now with confidential guidance, so seek help as soon as possible to get and stay clean.