Is Drinking Absinthe Dangerous?

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Is Drinking Absinthe Dangerous?Many questions surround absinthe abuse, mostly because many European and Western countries banned the drink in the early 1900’s. Drinking absinthe is dangerous, but not for the hallucinations it causes, or the criminal, violent behavior it is associated with. Get help today to learn about this dangerous alcohol and to recover with professional help.

What Is Absinthe?

Absinthe is an alcohol with a high alcohol content. It averages between 55-75 percent or 110-144 proof; compared to other liquors that average around 40 percent alcohol content, absinthe can get people intoxicated much faster. Absinthe is created from many herbs, spices and flowers with its key ingredients being anise, fennel and woodworm. These herbs and flowers are soaked in alcohol and then distilled into several different flavors or recipes. Legal absinthe manufactures will dilute absinthe to meet regional laws regarding alcohol content levels.

Dangerous Effects of Absinthe

Most people have received misguided information on the dangers of absinthe. The drink is dangerous due to its high alcohol content that can impair motor coordination, perception and judgment, and can cause reckless behavior, emotional instability and other characteristics of intoxication. Additionally, illegal concoctions of absinthe can cause hallucinations because it contains thujone, and large amounts of this chemical can be toxic and cause brain convulsions. Legal brews of absinthe contain little to no thujone, so drinking it does not create hallucinations nor violent behavior.

Absinthe is dangerous because of its high alcohol content. A person is at high-risk for alcohol poisoning, alcohol dependence and death from the large amount of alcohol contained in the substance. Drinking absinthe causes intoxication and dangerous side effects much faster than other alcohols. Reckless and risky behavior may result, increasing the risk for accidents, injury, illness and death. The other danger of absinthe is that the substance can be distilled by anyone. At-home distilleries and substances sold off-market can contain poisonous additives and harmful chemicals. Absinthe-related deaths are often caused by drinking absinthe people purchased from home brews.

Is Absinthe Legal?

Absinthe is legal in the US and many other countries since it no longer poses a hallucinogenic or toxic threat. Despite this, the alcohol is still quite harmful. It poses the same risks and dangers as other alcohols, including addiction, and heavy use is especially dangerous because it can easily result in alcohol poisoning. It is strongly advised to avoid absinthe and all other alcohols that are not sold in a manner approved by the FDA.

Help for Absinthe Abuse and Alcoholism

If you or someone you love needs help with absinthe abuse or addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Our recovery professionals are ready to help when you reach out to them.