How to Get Your Child into Rehab

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How to Get Your Child into Rehab

If your teen or adult child is addicted to drugs, then learn how to encourage rehab

Sending a loved one to rehab can be a sensitive matter. No doubt, people all want those they care about to lead productive, satisfying lives free from harmful substances. However, when someone close to you needs addiction treatment, then consider taking further action. If your loved one is reluctant to accept help, then seek help as soon as possible.

At first, the process of admitting your older teen or adult child into rehab can seem painful and difficult, particularly if she fights you on this decision. However, the long-term benefits of addiction treatment are worth the effort, because receiving addiction help in a rehab facility has helped many people stop abusing drugs and tighten the relationships they have with their loved ones. In other words, your loved one needs help if she is ever to care about herself and family as much as possible.

According to statistics of the National Survey on Drug Use, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that only around 11 percent of people who need addiction help receive it from a rehab center. This statistic means that a large number of people who abuse drugs avoid the help they need, but family involvement can counteract this problem.

Involvement of Everyone in Family Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects everyone in a family, not just the addict. Consequences appear in one way or another for everybody who is close to a drug user, so they all need to get involved in the recovery process if they are to promote sobriety rather than relapse. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that a recovery process that includes a family effort is the best way to help someone overcome addiction. One of the guidelines for recovery is the entire family must quit behaviors that promote drug abuse. As a parent, you might cope with your child’s addiction in a way that ultimately enables or minimizes the problem; as a result, your child will not see the full scope of his problem, which means he might rationalize that drug abuse is not a big deal. To address this problem, be sure that your behavior completely opposes drug abuse.

If your child is a drug addict, then your best option is to seek a family counselor or interventionist to connect the family and end isolation. He will also give the necessary emotional and psychological support to everyone in the household. Furthermore, a counselor can help decide how young children could be involved, as he can safeguard every member of the family while also teaching them how to promote sobriety.

An Effective Intervention Before Rehab

Preparing an intervention is one of the most effective ways to help your child enter rehab if she is reluctant to do so. An intervention involves a meeting with the addict in which those who are concerned for her discuss the consequences—both present and future—of continued drug abuse. One of the best ways to prepare for an intervention is to consult a professional interventionist. One of these workers can guide you through organizing and holding the intervention with the best interests of everyone involved. It is particularly important to have professional help if the addict has shown violent or self-destructive behaviors in the past, as you want to guarantee everyone’s safety during this time.

The Mayo Clinic states that the objective of an intervention is to present an opportunity for your child to accept help; you can accomplish this task by motivating change before the problem causes irreversible consequences. The Mayo Clinic also states that, after the intervention and regardless of the addict’s decision, everyone needs to follow up to see how they can continue supporting recovery.

Admitting Your Child into Addiction Treatment

Furthermore, one of the ways to find addiction help is to take your adult child to a healthcare professional who can screen your child and recommend treatment. A medical specialist or addiction counselor can speak directly to your child to help him see the need for help.

However, not all addicts will cooperate with recovery even after a well-planned intervention. Some people believe that legal interventions or mandated treatment is a poor way to encourage recovery, but, while an addict’s willingness for recovery plays an important role in his treatment, research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that mandated treatment can be just as effective as long as the program is tailored to the patient’s needs. In other words, with the right help, your child can recover from addiction even if he does not want to enter treatment.

In any case, your best option is to rely on the support of an addiction specialist to decide how to help your child get and stay clean from addiction.

How to Find the Best Addiction Treatment for Your Child

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