How to Get an Alcoholism Intervention Consultation

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How to Get an Alcoholism Intervention ConsultationArranging an alcoholism intervention consultation can help family members help their loved one. Though families are not the responsible party when it comes to alcoholism, many alcoholics believe the behaviors of their families are the problem that needs to be addressed, thus ignoring their use of alcohol. Because of this incorrect placement of responsibility, as well as the frequency with which alcoholics are able to maintain assets and passable levels of productivity, it can be extremely difficult and fruitless for family members to attempt their own interventions.

Some may believe that holding a professional intervention is a last resort after an alcoholic has reached rock bottom. Again, alcoholics are sometimes capable of rising above rock bottom while their addictions progress. An intervention may be the only way to convince an alcoholic that alcohol is a destructive force.

What Happens During an Alcoholism Intervention Consultation?

During an alcoholism intervention consultation, a professional interventionist usually educates the concerned family and friends on the process of an intervention—how he will unify the family’s voice and communicate one message as a group. The goal of the intervention will likely be to convince the alcoholic that her family is not the source of the problem, and that her family will no longer facilitate the addiction. Instead, the family will act as a united force of accountability against any further drinking. This accountability should transfer responsibility from the addict’s family to the addict herself. Once the alcoholic realizes that there is a problem and that it is hers, she will understand that she is the only one who can fix the problem.

What an Alcoholism Intervention Is Not

Interventions are not about changing who the addict is, but about changing the things that loved ones can change—such as physical environment and how they behave towards the addict. Interventions are not about one moment of accountability and honesty. The intervention is an important event, but its effectiveness depends upon the behavior of the family members after the intervention.

Addiction Recovery and Sobriety

If you or someone that you love is an alcoholic, know that there are professionals who are trained specifically to not only help an alcoholic, but to help the family help the addict whom they love. For information regarding professional interventions, initial questions about treatment, transportation information or insurance assistance, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. The operators answering the phones can be your first experience of how helpful professionals can be when it comes to the trials of addiction.