How Creativity Can Help You Process Your Addiction

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How Creativity Can Help You Process Your Addiction

You can fight your addiction with art, especially if you seek a rehab center that encourages creative pursuits

Every addict knows how much drug abuse changes people, so rehab programs have patients invest considerable time and effort to get and stay clean. The recovery process is not a passive one, but one that patients must actively engage to see success. Sometimes therapy occurs on emotional and cognitive levels, which is where all kinds of art therapy come into play.

Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

To come to grips with addiction and how to recover, many patients use art therapy, which has patients go through a creative process to reveal their feelings and thoughts regarding drug abuse. Patients may use paints, sculpting, drawing or any other medium that involves artistic expression, because these creative processes connect people with their emotions. These forms also allow addicts to release energy while creating something that helps them process their addictions.

Furthermore, artistic therapy is a form of meditation and reflection. Art often represents abstract ideas and feelings, so recovering addicts who make art can express their ideas through these visuals. In other words, the creative process allows patients to articulate the feelings and thoughts that they found difficult to describe. These processes allow patients to describe their frustrations or sensations, which aids the recovery process.

One common form of art therapy is drawing a mandala, a Sanskrit word that means circle. This artistic practice produces radially symmetrical patterns of varying coloration and design, all of which represent the artist’s mind and universe.

Creativity and Addiction

Many people believe that drug abuse enhances creativity, partially because of the success of so many artists who have abused drugs. In fact, many famous artists have histories of not only drug abuse, but also mental health problems, but substance abuse does not make people creative. Instead, people who are creative might have a greater risk of engaging in risky behavior and drug abuse, a fact that scientific evidence supports. On the other hand, artistic expression is a valuable tool for recovering addicts who wish to express difficult emotions in a beautiful and artistic form. Perhaps it is simply the case that many struggling people are drawn to art for their need to release pain; perhaps it is a form of self-medication. Either way, drug abuse hinders creativity, while sobriety encourages it.

Artistic Addiction Help

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