Holistic Alcohol Rehab Treatment

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Holistic Alcohol Rehab TreatmentAlmost 1.8 million people sought treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction in 2006. Almost half of these admissions were to treat alcoholism. There are so many alcohol rehabilitation options available to you, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that’s best for your needs. Although many prefer conventional approaches to rehabilitation, holistic alcohol treatment programs are growing in popularity. Holistic treatment differs from conventional rehab because it provides a more natural approach to recovering from alcoholism.

A Holistic Alcohol Addiction Treatment Approach

The guiding principle of holistic treatment is the healing of the mind, body and soul through natural, organic means. Holistic alcohol rehab treatment is a natural form of treatment that doesn’t rely on medication to guide you to recovery. Holistic-based programs promote spiritual wellness as well as physical wellness. Alternative therapies are also a staple of holistic alcohol rehab. The holistic treatment approach may be different but it can be highly beneficial if you prefer less conventional therapies.

Comparison of Conventional Alcohol Rehab and Holistic Treatment

At the basic level, conventional and holistic-based alcohol rehab programs are the same. They both have the same goal — providing you with the care you need to beat your alcohol addiction. Some practices that are common between residential alcohol rehab treatment and holistic rehab programs are as follows:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Live-in treatment settings
  • Supervised detox

Where these programs differ is that holistic rehab typically does not administer pharmaceutical medications while conventional treatment does. Holistic treatment also tends to offer therapies like yoga and horseback riding as natural ways to relax and overcome any anxieties. Many conventional rehab programs use talk therapy and behavioral therapy in addition to group counseling.

Holistic treatment can be beneficial to anyone with the willingness to get well. In some cases, this treatment option may be the form of rehab that works when others have failed.

Who Can This Type of Residential Alcohol Rehab Help?

Holistic alcohol rehab provides a natural treatment alternative for anyone willing to try it. If conventional treatment options have failed for you, perhaps the whole-body approach of a holistic rehab center will provide you with the peace you need to fully understand your addiction and overcome it. Holistic treatment is available regardless of the severity of your addiction.

If you feel that holistic treatment may be the course for you, contact us today. We can help you find the right treatment facility.