Does Substance Abuse Have Permanent Side Effects?

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Does Substance Abuse Have Permanent Side Effects?It goes without saying that substance abuse of any kind can be incredibly dangerous and can cause a great deal of physical and psychological damage. However, despite the many warnings, people still abuse drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and often suffer long-term effects that can be irreversible.

Permanent Side Effects of Substance Abuse

In most cases, permanent side effects of substance abuse come after drugs or alcohol have been abused for long periods of time or in excess within a short period of time. These effects can be both life altering and life threatening, producing many additional issues. Some of the most common permanent side effects of substance abuse include the following:

  • Cancer – One substance that can produce serious permanent side effects is alcohol. This substance has the potential to cause cancer in organs, such as the liver, mouth, and upper digestive system. In some cases, this type of cancer cannot be treated and is permanent.
  • Heart failure – Other drugs, such as prescription stimulants and cocaine, have the potential to cause so much cardiac distress during use that the heart eventually goes into failure. This can result in a number of ailments that occur chronically until the heart fails completely.
  • Psychological issues – Both drugs and alcohol have the potential to cause extreme psychological damage to abusers who use in excess. It is highly possible that these users can experience a decline in cognitive skills and behavioral and emotional control that can cause them to appear “burnt out.” Substance abuse can make these psychological issues occur chronically.

Some permanent side effects of substance abuse can include cancer, heart failure, and the development of psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and more.

The Importance of Treatment

Using drugs or alcohol to excess can be incredibly dangerous. If you are lucky enough to survive your period of abuse, treatment can help you get your life back on track and hopefully reduce the likelihood of suffering from permanent side effects, such as those listed above. Not only will treatment help you stay healthy in your sobriety, but it will also give you the opportunity to get back on your feet in ways that promote healthy personal and professional relationships and a positive outlook on life.

Do You Need Treatment for Substance Abuse?

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