Do You Need Alcohol Detox?

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Do you need alcohol detox?Entering an alcohol addiction treatment program is an important first step in regaining your sobriety. Your first days in alcohol rehab may be difficult as your program’s staff assesses your medical needs. For many, rehab does not simply consist of attending counseling, as long-term alcohol addictions cause strong physical addictions. If this is the case, you may require a period of detox before continuing the rest of your treatment.

More About Alcohol Detox

Detoxification, or detox as it’s commonly referred to, is the process of cleansing your system of the alcohol or other chemicals that may be harming you physically. Medically supervised alcohol detox is conducted in the safe environment of an alcohol rehab center. It’s considered the best method of detoxification as a self-detox process can become dangerous or lead to relapse.

Although detox is recommended for everyone with an alcohol addiction, many are unsure if their addictions are severe enough to require detox before entering their normal treatment program.

Signs You May Need Professional Detoxification

In some cases, detox is recommended but voluntary, but in more severe cases, you will be required to cleanse your system before starting treatment. Below are just a few of the reasons why detox may be necessary for you:

  • Long-term addiction. If you have attempted to stop drinking a number of times and had limited success, detox may be needed. This indicates that the physical hold of alcohol was never broken.
  • Blackouts and other physical effects. If you have experienced blackouts, severe vomiting or other severe physical responses as a result of continued heavy drinking.
  • Symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms of physical withdrawal from alcohol include sweating, anxiety, nausea, shaking and in certain extreme cases, hallucinations. These symptoms can be dangerous or even life-threatening if experienced alone.

Physical withdrawal is one of the most important reasons to consider taking part in a medical detox, as these symptoms can be incredibly uncomfortable. In the most extreme cases, you may hallucinate or experience depressive episodes which increase your risk of suicide if you’re unsupervised or attempting to detox by yourself.

A successful detox may be the key to long-term recovery from alcohol addiction, as it starts your treatment once you have broken the strong physical hold that alcohol has on you.

Getting Alcohol Detox Advice

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