Do I Have Drug Treatment Options Even If I Have a Low Income?

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Do I Have Drug Treatment Options Even If I Have a Low Income?

Low income doesn’t exclude you from treatment

Many individuals in need of addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one consider associated costs to be a stumbling block to recovery. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that “the most common reason why individuals with substance use problems do not seek treatment is the financial burden imposed by a lack of health insurance or health insurance without a behavioral health benefit, and/or insufficient means to pay for treatment” (“Free Substance Abuse Treatment”). However, monetary reasons for avoiding treatment are just an excuse as addiction costs more than treatment ever will. There are many treatment options available to those with little or no income.

While a lack of insurance may seem to put addiction treatment out of reach, SAMHSA surveys determined that “nearly 60 percent of all admissions [to drug rehab programs] did not have health insurance of any kind.” Over half of the population in treatment managed to find services despite lacking insurance coverage or not having benefits for mental health or addiction care. They may have done so by attending rehab at free or reduced cost or by working with a treatment facility to develop an affordable payment plan. Over half of the rehab facilities polled by SAMHSA offered pricing determined on a sliding-fee scale. Government and non-profit programs are the most likely to offer treatment on a sliding-fee scale, but even private, for-profit facilities are often more than willing to work with patients and make the treatment they need accessible and affordable.

Although free and reduced cost addiction treatment services are available, choosing a slightly pricier option may be less costly in the long run. SAMHSA found that facilities that did not offer free care offered better services for special groups, such as women, men, those with disabilities and those facing legal charges related to their drug use. This does not mean that free or reduced-price addiction services are not worth attending, but if individuals can find the money or work with a for-profit facility to create affordable payments, the long-term results may be better.

If you are ready to put an end to your or your loved one’s addiction, we are here to help, no matter your income or financial status. Our admissions coordinators will help you find the treatment services that will be effective and will address your unique recovery needs. They can work with your insurance company to determine what services will be covered, help you find free or reduced-cost programs or help you navigate payment plans and options for the recovery program of your choice. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call today. Recovery is never beyond reach.