Despair and Drug Addiction

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Despair and Drug AddictionThere are a number of things that can cause an individual to experience despair. For example, despair can come on the heels of a major traumatic event or experience, such as a loss, death, or episode of abuse. However, despair can also occur without reason, which can make it even more complicated to address from a clinical standpoint. Regardless of how despair develops, one of the many side effects of the condition is drug use, which can create even more issues for an individual.

The Connection between Despair and Drug Addiction

Despair can become such an invasive emotion that is causes every aspect of an individual’s life to be turned upside down. Some of the many ways that despair can predispose an individual to abuse drugs to the point of addiction include the following:

  • Loss of hope – When an individual has nothing to hope for, he or she begins losing the ability to be positive about the present and the future. This can make the individual feel as though he or she has nothing to live for, causing him or her to use drugs to the point of addiction. The individual may think that if there is nothing worth living for, the risks of drug use don’t matter.
  • Low self-esteem – Despair often causes low self-esteem, which makes an individual feel as though he or she is worthless. This can easily become a starting point for drug use, as many individuals use drugs to drown out their feelings of inadequacy.
  • The act of giving up – As despair continues, many individuals just give up. For example, they stop cleaning their houses, taking care of themselves, and connecting with others. As soon as they give up, they often turn to drugs as they are no longer concerned about their own wellbeing or how they treat others.

Despair can cause drug addiction when an individual loses hope, develops low self-esteem, or gives up entirely.

The Importance of Treatment

Those who are burdened with despair are in danger of suffering many of the above listed effects. It is important to combat those effects in order to remain healthy. Therefore, those who experience something that is causing despair should reach out for help immediately. Whether help comes from family or a professional, it is critical that support and treatment is offered and encouraged so that an individual can avoid slipping into a drug addiction due to despair.

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