Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Alcohol

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Dangers of Combining Marijuana and AlcoholAlthough many people consider marijuana to be a completely harmless drug, it is important for you to do some research on marijuana before actually abusing it and expecting little consequence. Marijuana can cause your reflexes to slow down, which can easily create severe lapses in your judgment. This can mean that you behave in abnormal and dangerous ways that you would never even consider when you were sober. These dangerous situations can put yourself as well as those around you in danger. These dangerous consequences can come about when you are abusing marijuana by itself, but that is rarely the case for recreational marijuana users. Combining marijuana with alcohol can lead to danger even more quickly than if you used one without the other. Get help today if you abuse either substance.

Abusing Marijuana and Alcohol Together

Many people who abuse marijuana recreationally will also abuse other drugs like alcohol, which is a common drug even without combining it with another substance. Most people in social settings will not even think about the effects that are possible of alcohol abuse; people may think that alcohol is a staple of many parties. However, alcohol can cause delayed reflexes and lapses in judgment, just like marijuana can. The use of these two drugs together doesn’t only double the power of the drug’s influence, it more than doubles it.

The use of marijuana with alcohol increases the effects of marijuana itself as well as the influence of alcohol. Using marijuana and alcohol together increase the risks of dangerous consequences by more than double. The fact that they are commonly abused in social situations means that you are surrounded by lots of people with impaired judgment. Everyone involved in this combination of drug abuse is putting themselves as well as those around them in serious danger due to the risky behaviors that these drugs can promote.

Help for Marijuana and Alcohol Abuse

If you struggle with an abuse problem that involves marijuana and alcohol in conjunction, the time to seek professional help is now. Call our toll-free helpline that is available 24 hours a day to find quality addiction counselors. Our professionals can answer your questions about marijuana and alcohol abuse, and they can also help you find the professional treatment that you are so in need of. We can even find out if your health insurance will help you pay for treatment. Call us now and find the help that you need to end your abuse of both marijuana and alcohol.