Common Excuses for Leaving Rehab and Why You Should Ignore Them

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Common Excuses for Leaving Rehab and Why You Should Ignore Them

Making excuses for leaving rehab

It’s no secret that addiction rehabilitation can be filled with a number of challenges that make individuals feel as though they just can’t see it through. No one ever said that going through rehab was easy, and it is often a recovering addict’s first instinct to try to run the other way when this process becomes difficult. Many addicts devise excuses to get out of rehab early, despite the many downsides of attempting to do so.

Common Excuses for Leaving Addiction Rehabilitation

When in rehab, recovering addicts are often looking for reasons to leave, especially if their course of treatment is getting harder for them. Some of the most common excuses for leaving rehab include the following:

  • “I have things to do back home” – It is common for addicts in recovery to start emphasizing how important it is that they go home to uphold their life. This excuse might come with other excuses such as “someone needs to pay my bills”, “my dogs need me to care for them”, or “I need to get back to work”.
  • “This isn’t working for me” – One of the most popular excuses to leave recovery early can be the “this isn’t working for me” excuse. Addicts might make a solid attempt at getting sober, but when the going gets tough, they simply throw their hands in the air and say that rehab isn’t working for them.
  • “I’m not an addict” – Despite already being admitted to a rehab facility, addicts are likely to still hold on to the idea they are not actually addicted and that they do not need help.

All of these excuses can make it hard for individuals to stay in rehab, especially when they are facing a number of challenges associated with their recovery.

Why Ignoring These Excuses Is Important for Your Recovery

Ignoring these excuses plus all others can be incredibly important, especially because doing so can help an individual stay in recovery for the long haul. In addition to staying in recovery, ignoring these excuses can buy time for an individual so that he or she can learn the many coping skills taught in rehab, as well as develop a strong education on addiction and recovery.

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