Challenges Facing Young Adults In Recovery

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Young adults are faced with challenges that require constant adjusting and learning to overcome. Some act before they fully process the situation, which in turn can lead them to engage in behaviors they would normally avoid, such as drug use and abuse.

Unique Challenges Facing Young Adults

Young adults have a variety of struggles and obstacles unique to their age to overcome. Included in the following are some examples of the challenges facing young adults:

  • Peer pressures
  • Society standards
  • Embarrassment

Young adults are often faced with temptation and peer pressure to use substances, at least once, on a weekly basis. For some, this can occur on a daily basis. Not only is this a time where they desire to fit in and find their place, it is also one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. With peer pressure and the added stress to perform at one’s best ability, young adults often look to drugs to help them reach their goals more quickly. After an individual has started to become sober, he will begin to come to terms with his behavior, often confronting the embarrassment and shame from his actions for the first time. Addiction is nothing to be embarrassed about however, and addicts will slowly work through these emotions and heal.

How Can Knowing These Challenges Help One Avoid Relapse?

By knowing what challenges an individual may face, one can better prepare for the future. Included in the following are some examples of how knowing and understanding these challenges can help one avoid a relapse:

  • Help understanding/avoiding triggers
  • Help with processing
  • Help with understanding behaviors

Understanding what an individual’s personal triggers are, such as being around certain drug using friends, can help him learn how to avoid the environment or what to do if he is faced with temptation. Sobriety can be difficult to process along with the new feelings and challenges. However, learning how to process the new and added emotions can help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety. Addicts often regret how they behaved and acted while under the influence. It is important that they understand what first initiated their drug use and how they can heal from the issue to help reduce their risks of relapse in the future.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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