Binge Drinking Help for College Students

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Binge drinking help for college studentsBinge drinking has become a popular part of college life. While some people may consider binge drinking a normal part of being a young adult, you may be surprised to learn that most college students don’t engage in this dangerous behavior. Learn more about binge drinking and find out how it leads to addiction and serious side effects.

What Is Binge Drinking and How Is It Dangerous?

College students tend to regard binge drinking as a fun activity. Binge drinking can cause the drinker to lose all perception and control. Binge drinking is especially popular on college campuses, universities and parties organized by teenagers and students at clubs and homes.

Binge drinkers drink large quantities of alcohol too fast. A drinking binge consists of more than three or four drinks during one sitting. This can lead to vomiting, loss of consciousness and aggressive behavior. More dangerously, it can lead to alcohol poisoning and overdose—a deadly outcome.

Binge drinkers can also be a potential threat to themselves and others around them. At this point, they can even get into unnecessary fights, take life-threatening risks, and indulge in drunk driving. Binge drinking builds the drinker’s tolerance quickly and can lead to alcoholism.

How Binge Drinking Can Lead to Alcoholism

Many young adults will experiment with alcohol, or drugs and smoking at some point in their college years. When a drinking pattern happens on a regular basis, and you are drinking at least 3 – 4 times a week, you can get addicted to alcohol.

How You Can Avoid Binge Drinking

The harmful effects of binge drinking are obvious. After binge drinking, both men and women are more likely to engage in risky and potentially harmful behavior and aggression, become susceptible to sexual assaults, and bring on other physically damaging effects. The following are tips for avoiding binge drinking:

  • Abstain from alcohol or decide on the quantity of alcohol that should be consumed before your evening begins. One or two glasses over a four-hour period is considered acceptable in most cases.
  • Hold on to the glass for as long as you can, or fill your glass with soda, water or another alcohol-free beverage.
  • Make excuses or become the designated driver for the group.
  • If you are being forced by your friends to binge drink on a regular basis, consider the quality of your friendships. It may be time to find new friends.

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Addiction Help

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