Answers to Common Questions about Addiction Therapy

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Do you have questions about addiction treatment, therapy, counseling and rehab? There are helpful answers available.

How Do I Know if I Need Addiction Treatment?

Answers to common questions about addiction therapyTherapy is a good idea for anyone. It can help you learn more about yourself, provide a safe and comfortable place to share your feelings and ideas freely and help you achieve your goals. If your addiction has begun to take over your life, or if your loved ones have expressed concern about your substance use, it may be a good idea to talk with someone about addiction counseling. If you are having problems with depression, anxiety or PTSD, you may want to speak with someone about integrated treatment for both mental health and substance abuse issues.

Why Do People Seek Addiction Therapy?

Just as every addiction is different, every person has a different reason for seeking addiction treatment. Some people enter treatment at the request of loved ones. Others enter addiction treatment when addiction begins to affect the things they have worked hard for such as their career, relationships or family. Some people begin addiction treatment to learn more about the addiction process and just check in with a professional. Some people enter addiction treatment because they are sick and tired of being trapped by addiction and illness.

What Happens in Addiction Therapy and Rehabilitation?

During addiction therapy you may talk about whatever concerns you at the time. Your therapist may suggest topics or ask you about your current worries or areas of interest. Most counseling sessions last 50 minutes to an hour, but sessions may last longer or provide more intensive treatment in a rehab setting. During rehab you may be offered a variety of different treatments to help you heal in both body and mind. Every aspect of addiction rehab is designed to bring you closer to wellness with evidence-based treatment options and personalized treatment plans.

How Will I Benefit from Rehabilitation or Addiction Therapy?

Addiction will rob you of your life. It will take your freedom, your money, your health and your relationships. Addiction therapy is a special branch of psychology that has been developed after years of research and practice. When done correctly, addiction therapy can help you uncover and effectively treat the causes of your addiction. You owe it to yourself to try addiction therapy and learn more about specialty programs for addiction.

Is Addiction Therapy Private and Confidential?

Yes. HIPPA privacy laws protect your information and communications with your therapist. There are a few exceptions. If you share information about child or elder abuse, or if you are actively intending to harm yourself or others, your therapist is required by law to share this information with whoever may best immediately help the situation. If you tell your therapist about drug or alcohol use, that information will remain private.

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