Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

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Alcohol rehab aftercareAn aftercare program is designed to help patients transition back into their everyday lives after completing rehab. Some patients see the completion of rehab as the endpoint for their treatment but the truth is that addicts will be in recovery for the rest of their lives. Aftercare programs are designed to help patients transition back into their lives while they continue to receive support for their addiction treatment, thereby reducing the chance of relapse.

Treatment Options for Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Aftercare programs can range anywhere from spending time at a sober-living facility to community recovery programs that meet every week.  Most inpatient and outpatient treatment programs will discuss aftercare options with their patients so they have a plan implemented once they leave the facility.

Sober living facilities are an option for rehab patients. They are usually recommended to those patients who have spent weeks or months in an inpatient facility and do not feel ready to transition back into their everyday life. Sober living homes are drug- and alcohol-free environments that provide rehab patients with safety and structure. Residents will have chores and most facilities will require them to get jobs if they do not already have them; some programs may even provide services to help with career placement. The objective of a sober living facility is to act like a halfway house between rehab and regular life.

There are also community-based groups that meet regularly (from a few times a week to monthly) that support treatment in a rehab facility. These groups can be used on their own or as a supplement to rehab. Community groups will have a uniquely structured program, so it is best for the individual to discuss the different groups in their area with a counselor to decide which is right for them. At group meetings, patients will have the opportunity to listen to stories from other recovering alcoholics, discuss any difficulties they are facing with their peers and have a consistent basis of support. Some groups may implement a sponsor program where participants are held accountable by another member of the group. Many recovering alcoholics will continue to attend these community groups regularly for the rest of their lives.

Need Help Finding Aftercare for Alcohol Rehab?

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