Alcohol Abuse in Asian Countries

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Alcohol Abuse in Asian CountriesAlcohol abuse is prevalent in all countries, but particularly Asia. Because each of these countries has different staples, the alcoholic beverages in these countries vary both in strength and amount per serving. Religious countries often stray away from alcohol use, but their citizens may drink for special occasions. Treatment approaches in Asian countries are similar to the treatment approaches in the US, but their abuse statistics are startling, so they need just as much help, if not more, than Americans do.

What Asian Countries Use Alcohol?

Many Asian countries either discourage alcohol, or they have common liquors based on the regions’ produce. The following Asian countries greatly abuse alcohol:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Philippines

Asian countries often drink a particular beverage based on the staple of that region. For instance, Thais drink rice drinks or local beverages based on various fruits, sweet potatoes and wheat. Some Asian countries infused their alcoholic drinks with various herbs and spices, even snakes or hornets, which are all believed to bring health. However, religion can also play a part in people rejecting alcohol: large Muslim populations in Indonesia and Malaysia, and Hindus in India often avoid drinking.

Treatment Options for Alcoholics in Asia

Asian countries have similar treatment approaches as the US, like the following examples:

  • Residential treatment
  • Language-based treatment
  • Aftercare treatment

Residential treatment in Asian countries is similar to inpatient treatment in the US. These centers house patients at a facility that is drug-free and lasts a considerable time. The treatment that these centers administer manages withdrawal symptoms while helping addicts understand what situations trigger their cravings. Once addicts learn their personal triggers, they can learn ways to cope with stress and avoid temptation in the future. Secondly, because Asia has a plethora of ethnicities and languages, rehab centers throughout the continent developed language-based treatment to better treat alcoholics. This means that anyone can recover from alcoholism, no matter her nationality or primary language. Lastly, aftercare treatment in Asian countries is similar to the US’s approach, because it helps alcoholics tackle difficult situations that will arise after rehab. This helps recovering alcoholics overcome stressful situations without abusing drugs.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Asians

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