5 Common Fears about Getting Sober

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5 common fears about getting soberAddiction to drugs or alcohol is a complicated disease that affects the body, mind and spirit. As distressing as it is to realize that use of these substances has taken control of your or a loved one’s life getting sober can be even more frightening. Most fears about getting sober are directly connected to the psychological aspects of addiction, and they can be difficult to conquer. Identifying these fears and processing them can provide the clarity needed to addiction recovery help.

I’m Afraid I’ll Lose Important Relationships If I Get Sober

It may be true that all of your friends drink or use drugs, but this is most likely because you have gravitated toward other addicts and away from previously important and healthy relationships. Addicts tend to alienate themselves from functional people and find a toxic community of others who will encourage them in their self-destruction. Realize that anyone who truly cares for you will want to see you healthy. Any relationships you lose over getting sober are not worth keeping.

I’m Afraid That Life Will Be Boring If I Can’t Party

Because drugs and alcohol create such powerful psychological addictions, a user’s memories and imagination will be distorted. Think about the things you loved to do before you started drinking or doing drugs. Addiction limits your life to a mindless pattern of finding and using chemicals to get through each day. Most recovering addicts are surprised to realize how exciting and joyful a sober life can be. Addiction also destroys the body, making it hard to do much of anything. If you can’t imagine dealing with each day completely sober, you need to trust those who have gone before you. Life is far more enjoyable when you are fully present for it.

I’m Afraid I’ll Let People down If I Admit to Having an Addiction Problem

The fear of a loss of reputation or trust is a big stumbling block to admitting to addiction and getting help. Many people continue the disease of addiction much longer than needed, because they think they can hide it from those who love and look up to them. However, most addictions are obvious and troubling to the people around a user. The way to let people down is to continue the path of addiction.

I’m Afraid of Detoxification and Withdrawal Symptoms

Many people have heard horror stories about detox or have seen it depicted in films, and they fear that they won’t be able to handle the process. Medically supervised detox services are offered by the most effective treatment centers, and they ensure health and allow the most difficult symptoms of withdrawal to be eased. Detox is a challenge, but it may not be as painful as you fear. The alternative of staying addicted is going to take you a much more painful place.

I’m Afraid I Don’t Have the Time for Rehabilitation Right Now

A powerful excuse that can keep you or a loved one from getting clean is the excuse that they can’t afford the time or money needed for rehab. This excuse has kept millions of people trapped in addiction much longer than they should have been. The time it takes to get clean is nothing compared to the time it takes to serve an addiction. Many addicts don’t realize how much of their time is dedicated to obtaining their substance of choice. The physical and emotional problems that eventually come to define the life of the addict will destroy work, relationships and everything once loved about life. The time it takes to get clean is minimal and is well worth it.

End Fear and Excuses and Get Help to Get Sober

If you keep coming up with reason after reason not to get help with your abuse or addiction problem, call us today. Our toll-free helpline is always open, and our addiction experts can answer all your questions and address all of your fears. There is no cost to you, your information is completely confidential and there is no shame in seeking help. Addiction is a disease, and you need help to get sober. Don’t wait another day or give yourself another excuse. Call today.